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Welcome to the Volunteer Page for the SAS Championship! Volunteers are needed Sunday, October 8th – Monday, October 16th.

All Volunteers MUST Complete a New ACCOUNT Registration. No old logins will work. Please click "Register Now"

As the event continues to grow, more Volunteers are needed in 2017 than ever before. Please encourage your family and friends to volunteer as well.

Please note the following changes to the registration process in 2017:

  • The Volunteer shifts you select on the registration form will be your assigned shifts.
  • Several committees require approval from the Committee Chairman before the assignment of shifts. These committee members will be notified via email after registration of their assignments.
  • If you would like to volunteer with a family member or friend please coordinate with them prior to registering. This will ensure you are assigned the same shift.

Your login from previous years will not work, everyone including chairmen will have to create a new account. If this is your first time registering for 2017, click the purple button "Register Now" on the right hand side.

Thank you for your support of the #SASChampionship! We look forward to seeing you on the course in October. Please contact Carol Pyszkowski at carol.pyszkowski@sas.com or (919) 531-4653 with any questions.


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2017 SAS Championship Volunteer Registration

October 09-15, 2017